Welcome to our Website. Crile Industries is one of best Surgical, Beauty & Dental instruments manufacturing company in Pakistan.


CRILE INDUSTRIES is an innovative engineering company, a manufacturer of surgical, dental, veterinary, beauty and Tungsten carbide instruments. We are always motivated for superiority in function and economy of products. We achieve these goals by continuous innovation in material, technology, process and designs. Customer satisfaction is the most important objective of our business. Therefore we offer excellent services with quality products.

Crile Industries

CRILE INDUSTRIES is a Sialkot based company registered with SCCI. We prefer Stainless Steel (AISI 304, 316L, 410, 420 and 440) for Instruments as well as Titanium, Antimagnetic and Tungsten Carbide.

Proven Sources

For our Surgical and Dental Instruments, we use only reliable and Standard Technology, Processes and Machines that have impressed us with their quality and results.

Global Servicess

We reach the thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, through distributors and sole agents. Large stocks of our products help us to reduce processing time and cost of customer orders, resulting in faster delivery.

Since 23 Years

It is our pride to have a credit of almost 23 years of experience in this business. We have privilege to be the manufacturing pioneers of all kinds of instruments since 1992

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